Ideas for Valentine's Day gift for your Persian significant other!

January 10, 2019 4 Comments

Happy Valentine's Day

Ideas for Valentine's Day gift for your Persian significant other!


Are your looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for your Persian significant other?

Once again, it is that time of the year that you want to impress your significant other and show how much you love them. If your significant other is Persian, you should be extra thoughtful! Persians are hard to impress! Fortunately, we have some guidelines for you here!


1-   Be authentic!

Persians value authenticity. Make sure your gift is unique and special. Something that is rare to find and special like your significant other. It is a huge plus if you customize your gift with their name or a phrase that means a lot to them. Examples:


Order a name necklace:

Name pendants with Persian calligraphy is trendy, beautiful, and memorable. You can have a design done with your significant others name, or a romantic phrase! Check it out:


Click here to see your options.


Find a special gift and customize it for them:

Let’s say you found the gift! Now, take one step further and make it special. Add their name to the gift and bring smile to their face as they open the box. It makes a lot of difference!


For example this one. Click here.


2-  Persians value their culture.

Culture is very important and poetry is a good part of it. Poets like Hafiz, and Rumi have amazing poems that connects with almost everyone. Rumi is specially known for his meaningful love poems. Find a gift that includes that. Persian calligraphy is the artistic way of writing poems, see examples below. You can buy a wine or whiskey set with meaningful poems engraved. Wait for the joy and surprise on their face when they open the gift!



 3- Are they artistic?

If you have an artistic significant other, buy them a Persian Calligraphy set! It includes all the required tools they need to start, along with an instructions book!


  Ideas for learning calligraphy tools here.


4-  Don't forget chocolate and flowers!

Persians love chocolates! Make sure you have that somewhere in the house. Also, no need to say, don't forget red roses. Persians are fancy and classy! 


We hope the above gift ideas are useful. If you have other ideas, share them with us! We'll add them to the list here!

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