Wine box with tools- Rumi poem - Persian Calligraphy Valentine gift- Rosewood Finish

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Persian calligraphy poem carved on a high quality wooden wine box.
The Farsi poem is the following from Rumi (Mowlavi):


تو مرا جان و جهانی
چه کنم جان و جهان را

Which means (simplified):
"YOU are my soul and my whole world, why do I need anything else"

It's a famous poem and is a true illustration of love. "All I care is you and nothing else matters."
It's a great gift for your Persian friend or family - a valentine's gift for him or her.

The box comes with a full set of quality wine tools: foil cutter, decanting pourer, stopper and corkscrew.

The size of the wine box is approximately 15 x 6 x 5.5 inches and can hold one standard size wine bottle. Wine bottle is NOT included. There are three colors for the poem, Gold, White, and Black. You can see them in the pictures. Choose one that you love.

The other side can be customized with your message or desired picture with an additional cost of $10. Please let us know in the note section.

You can also customize the poem to what you like. Just let us know in the note section before you order. :)

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