Hafiz Persian Calligraphy, "Words of Love", Acrylic on Canvas, Farsi Calligraphy, از صدای سخن عشـق ندیدم خوشـتر

A very famous Hafiz poem written on Canvas (1/2 in thick canvas). Only Acrylic colors are used.
The art is prepared using brushes and calligraphy pen which were applied in 6 different layers. Each layer had to dry before the next layer was applied.

The left half of the art shows the excitement and anxiety of love and the right half shows the relief and calmness that comes with love. 

The original text of Hafiz and its translation is presented below:

گشت بیمار که چون چشم تو گردد نرگس --- شیوه تو نشدش حاصـل و بیمار بـماند 
از صدای سخن عشـق ندیدم خوشـتر --- یادگاری کـه در این گنـبد دوار بـماند 

And translation:

"I was lovesick. Though your eyes bloomed as flowers,
Your loveliness remains veiled, this is unkind.
Found nothing more joyful than the sound of words of love
In this turning Merry-Go-Round that You rewind."

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