Oh Love - Picture frame, Shadow box with a Persian poem, a Farsi gift for Father's Day.

An artistic wooden shadow box with a famous love poem placed inside, colored gold, red and black.
The calligraphy words are made from wood and are placed in a 3D fashion.

The frame has a nice surface to pin your favorite pictures, on the front there is glass.

The dimension is: 13 in x 10.5 in x 2.75 in.

The poem is from Hushang Ebtehaj (Persian: هوشنگ ابتهاج‎, with the pen name of H. E. Sayeh (Persian: ه. ا. سایه‎). The text in the frame is:

ای عشق همه بهانه از توست

The literal translation: "Oh love, all the excuses are because of you". Which means, "oh love, you are the reason of anything I do and look for".

The rest of the poem says:

ای عشق، همه بهانه از توست
من خامشم، این ترانه از توست

آن بانگ بلند صبحگاهی
وین زمزمه شبانه، از توست

من انده خویش را، ندانم
این گریه بی بهانه، از توست

آی آتش جان پاکبازان
در خرمن من زبانه، از تست

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