Persian Calligraphy Farsi Poem, Original Acrylic color on Canvas, Persian Art Love, خوشنویسی روی بوم شعر فارسی

This is an original calligraphy artwork on high quality canvas painted in several layers. 

The translation in English is:

Love means being excited in his/her existence, Love means combing her/his hair
Love means kissing her/his lips, all you see is his/her beauty.

The poem in Persian (Farsi) says:

عشق یعنی در هوایش بی قرار
شانه ای بر زلف و گیسوی نگار
عشق یعنی بوسه ای بر آن لب نوشین یار
هر چه بینی رخ زیبای نگار

شاعر: مصطفی نجفی

* Please note that this is an original piece of art. The copyright owner is Meshkinkhat and the artist. Selling this art does not transfer the right to reproduce the art piece to the buyer.*

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