Persian Calligraphy on wood: There's no truth to the night's darkness. با شعله ات شب حقیقت نداشت Chaartaar song

This is an original calligraphy artwork on framed wood.

Size: 36 in x 24 in x 2 in (91.5 cm x 60.9 cm x 5.1 cm)

The text is from a famous song by Chaartaar (چارتار) band. The translation in English is:

"Your love inspires me to say: With light of your soul, there's no truth to the night's darkness".

The poem in Persian (Farsi) says:

شاعرترین عاشقت می نگاشت
با شعله ات شب حقیقت نداشت

لب تر کنی هرچه خواهی شوم
دیوانه تا بی نهایت روم

میرقصی در یادم از غیر از تو من آزادم
چون فریادی در سر آیی یا شب های بی فردایی

* Please note that this is an original piece of art. The copyright owner is Meshkinkhat and the artist. Selling this art does not transfer the right to reproduce the art piece to the buyer.*

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