Slate Cheese Board With Persian Calligraphy, Khayyam Poem, تخته سنگی با خوشنویسی. شعر خیام. ماییم و می و مطرب


Slate Cheese Board engraved with a poem from Omar Khayyam with Cutlery Set. 

The design of the calligraphy is such that people from either side of the board can read one of the two verses. The Original Persian (Farsi) text of the poem is:

ماییم و می و مطرب و این کنج خراب

جان و دل و جام و جامه پر رهن شراب

Which means:

" It's us with wine, the singer, and this simple home.
Our soul, the glass, and everything else is in need of wine. "

Size: 14 x 10 inches, perfect as Wine and Cheese Platter or Serving Tray for Appetizers -
Rope Handles, 3 Cheese Knives and 2 Soapstone Chalks

If you like to personalize on the back side, please select that option during purchase.
It's a great gift for your Persian friend for Christmas.

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