The shine of love and the sun, Persian Calligraphy, Farsi Hafez Poem, Tazhib

A special Persian Calligraphy, white ink on black paper with a Shamse Tazhib hand drawn on the paper. 

This comes in different sizes and backgrounds to fit your room size, style and coloring. You can see the pictures we provided to get ideas. You can also send us a message and ask.

The poem is by Hafez (Ghazal #410 from Divan), the poet of Shiraz who lauded the joys of love and wine. See below for the full text and translation:

ای قبای پادشاهی راست بر بالای تو زینت تاج و نگین از گوهر والای تو
آفتاب فتح را هر دم طلوعی می‌دهد از کلاه خسروی رخسار مه سیمای تو
جلوه گاه طایر اقبال باشد هر کجا سایه‌اندازد همای چتر گردون سای تو
از رسوم شرع و حکمت با هزاران اختلاف نکته‌ای هرگز نشد فوت از دل دانای تو
آب حیوانش ز منقار بلاغت می‌چکد طوطی خوش لهجه یعنی کلک شکرخای تو
گر چه خورشید فلک چشم و چراغ عالم است روشنایی بخش چشم اوست خاک پای تو
آن چه اسکندر طلب کرد و ندادش روزگار جرعه‌ای بود از زلال جام جان افزای تو
عرض حاجت در حریم حضرتت محتاج نیست راز کس مخفی نماند با فروغ رای تو
خسروا پیرانه سر حافظ جوانی می‌کند بر امید عفو جان بخش گنه فرسای تو

English translation:
O you who stature decorates the robe of royalty
and whose great nature adorns the crown and the signet
Your moon-like face from beneath the royal crown
makes the sun of victory rise every moment
Although the sun of the sky is the light and sight of the world
the dust under you your feet illumines its sight
Wherever the homa of your sky-high canopy casts a shade,
becomes the land of the bird of happiness
Of the thousands of different laws of religion and philosophy
not a single point was lost from your heart
The water of life drips from the beak of eloquence of
your sweet-speaking parrot, your sugar-chewing pen
What Alexander sought but the world did not give him
was a sip of pure wine from your reviving cup
There is no need to express one’s wish in your presence
no one’s secret remains hidden in the light of your insight
Hafez boasts of being a servant before your presence
in hope of your life-giving and world-granting forgiveness

* Please note that this is an original piece of art. The copyright owner is Meshkinkhat and the artist. Selling this art does not transfer the right to reproduce the art piece to the buyer.

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