Cheese Platter- wood and white marble- Hafiz poem - Persian Calligraphy gift. شعر حافظ: اوقات خوش آن بود که با دوست به سر رفت

Persian calligraphy poem carved on the wooden parts of high quality wooden and marble cheese platter.

The Farsi poem is the following from Hafiz:

اوقات خوش آن بود که با دوست به سر رفت

باقی همه بی‌حاصلی و بی‌خبری بود

Which means:
" Good times are those spent with friend (/lover), the rest is unfruitful and unimportant."

It's a great gift for your Persian friend or family.
Great Christmas gift for your Iranian Farsi friend!

The other side can be customized with your message or desired picture with an additional cost of $10. Please let us know in the note section.

You can also customize the poem to what you like. Just let us know in the note section before you order. :)

The size of the platter is 16 inch x 7.5 inch.

These coasters are made and shipped in the US and to the order, the processing time is 1-2 days. The details of wood and marble are beautiful and natural, so please expect some variations from the pictures you see.

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