Calligraphy tools - Essentials Plus learners' Package


Persian and Arabic Calligraphy essential Plus tools packages includes all you need to get started and More! The followings are included:

One small "Davat": A small container for your ink with "Ligheh". Ligheh (لیقه) is a thread like plastic stings that can hold the ink well.

One large"Davat": A large container for your ink with "Ligheh". This larger container has a ring that can hold Ligheh in place.

One "Etedal" Calligraphy black ink: Etedal (اعتدال) is well-known for its quality calligraphy inks. 

One "Etedal" Calligraphy colored ink: Etedal (اعتدال) is well-known for its quality calligraphy inks. Please let us know which color you like in the note section when you order. If nothing is mentioned, we'll pick one for you! :)

Three "Dezfouli" reed pens: Dezfouli (دزفولی) reed pens or Ghalams (Qalams) (قلم) are the best type of pens you can have for Persian and Arabic calligraphy. These pens are cut for right handed people. If you like them to be cut for a left-handed person please let us know.

One Calligraphy marker Pro: The best calligraphy markers in the market! It adds to the fun since its very easy to use and you can write on almost any surface. 

One Ligheh Package: Ligheh (لیقه) is a thread like plastic stings that can hold the ink well.




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