Dezfuli reed pen for Persian and Arabic Calligraphy,, قلم دزفولی خوشنویسی خطاطی, Set of FOUR

A set of four Persian and Arabic Calligraphy reed pens, cut for you and ready to be used.  Ghalam, Qalam.
Dezfuli reed pens are the most famous type of pens used for Persian Calligraphy. They have a nice brown and yellow/white color to them and will last you a long time.

Only 4 Dezfuli (Dezfouli) reed pens are included. They are cut for right handed people. You can make a request for left handed cut. The cutter and the cut surface are not included.
The pens tip are between 1 mm to 2 mm so you can use them for a variety of applications.

If you need help on how to use them or you like to learn Persian, Farsi, or Arabic Calligraphy please contact us.

4 عدد قلم خوشنویسی دزفولی

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